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Our Story


Our company's origins date back to March 2000 when founder Ken Wilson started Kinetic-e, LLC. Kinetic-e was focused on building e-commerce solutions, custom applications, mobile solutions, custom websites, corporate logos and branding, and it provided numerous IT-related consulting services.

In 2006, Kinetic-e launched a new product in the HOA industry, called HOA Inspector, which leveraged its experience with mobile application development, and in building custom websites. This web-based product delivered a comprehensive mobile solution for HOA compliance inspections, and premiered at the 2006 CAI National Conference and Expo in Palm Springs.

In April 2010, Caliber was launched as a new product that was built from the ground up to include accounting, and to incorporate the compliance and maintenance features of Reef Point CM as the fully integrated solution you see today.

Our Philosophy

At Caliber we've focused on building an integrated accounting and property management product from the ground up, using the latest in .NET technology and Microsoft SQL Server. We also spent a great deal of time and effort in providing customers with options that enable them to configure Caliber to run how they want to run their business. Companies shouldn't be forced to run their business only how their software lets them run it. We also made it one of our top missions to embrace the 3rd-party vendor community by creating and supporting a standard API (at no charge) that enables vendors to integrate their products with Caliber. And, as our customers can confirm, we are constantly pushing the mark higher with consistently scheduled updates that always include customer feature requests.

Caliber Leadership

Ken Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Ken Wilson is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy (Class of 1983) where he received a BS degree in Mathematics (Computer Science track). During his 11 years of service as an officer in the Navy, Ken achieved specialty ratings in financial management and information technology management, skills which have served him well in the civilian sector.

Upon his departure from the Navy, Ken went to MicroAge, a large computer distributor in Arizona, as a senior business analyst. From there, he was hired as General Manager of Internet Products and Vice President of Marketing for a software company in the Silicon Valley area. Ken later returned to Arizona as the Chief Technology Officer for an Internet software company. Then in March 2000, he struck out on his own and started Kinetic-e, which later became Caliber Software.

Ken received an MBA degree from Arizona State University in 1991. His background in computer science and programming is extensive. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Certified Lotus Notes Developer, and recognized expert in software development and database architecture, in general, and specifically as it relates to mobile computing. A published author, Ken has written dozens of articles, appearing in numerous technology and trade magazines on various software, hardware, safety, scheduling and inspection related topics.

Michael Coursey


Michael Coursey has 15 years of experience in the community association industry, where his focus was primarily on accounting and various other automated processes associated with large-scale property management. After graduating from Adams State College in 1994 with a BS degree in Business Administration (emphasis in Finance, Accounting and Management), Michael worked for the local Small Business Administration and as a financial consultant. There, he helped startup companies create business plans and assisted with planning and implementing financing and accounting strategies and procedures.

In 1995, he joined Transpacific Management Service, a property management company, where he supported their computer network and property management software. In 1996, he developed a new accounting software package in AS400 (RPG) and worked with upper management on developing more efficient accounting processes for their business. He also developed and supported several complementary software applications to help manage other services associated with property management.

In 2006, Transpacific Management Service joined 5 other large property management companies to form The Management Trust, and it was Michael’s responsibility to bring all 6 companies up on a common accounting and management software product. His primary role was to work closely with each of the 6 companies to help streamline their accounting processes and to assist in the transition from disparate accounting systems into a single, unified one. Michael has been on the front lines of community association accounting and technology for most of his career.

Darren Jackson

Vice President, Software Development

Darren Jackson is a second generation Phoenix native, one of four sons. Darren began working at the age of 16 with jobs that ranged from carnival worker to concrete demolition to health care professional. It wasn’t until later in life when Darren found his true passion, technology. Darren began attending the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe Arizona, where he achieved a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Software Engineering and graduated magna cum laude.

Darren shortly began working with Ken Wilson and thereafter Michael Coursey and eventually became a founding member of Reef Point Technology and Caliber Software. Now, with over 15 years of software development experience in multiple disciplines, Darren contributes a high level of technical skill and expertise to the equation. He is often considered to be the man behind the curtain and generally referred to as the wizard.
He is the proud father of an adult daughter. At the end of his day, Darren is welcomed at home by his loving wife Jessica and his many furry friends.

Debbie Smith

Vice President, Software Support

Debbie Smith has had 12 years of experience in the support and training of software products. Customer service and satisfaction has always been and still is the priority. She came to work with Reef Point Technology June of 2010. Previously, Debbie managed a retail store from 1986 to 2001. In 2001 she accepted a position as an assistant branch manager at a bank. Debbie began working with and supporting software in 2004.